On Writing Novels, and SGU Update

-Time appropriate greeting!-

It's been a good week for writing for me.  I'm closing in on the end of my edit-through of the novel.  In just 207 pages I'll be at those two sweet words, The End.

I'm guessing these last 200+ pages are going to take me less time than the preceding 300 or so did since I've noticed I'm changing less and less as I go along.  I'm wondering if that's because I got better at writing as I wrote, or just focused more on what was happening as I neared the story's conclusion (probably a little of both). 

I used to wonder why it took people so long to come out with books.  Certain writers seem to come out with 2-3 books a year, while others tend to crank them out at the much slower pace of 1 every 2-3 years.  The latter certainly seems to be more the norm.  I'm guessing from my own experience that it's because every fresh story requires quite a bit of work in character development, world building, and smoothing down of the rough edges before reaching the final product.  Series tend to crank out faster, probably because all of that world building was already done in book one, and the rest are just adding to the pre-existing structure.

Having said that, there are still writers who seem to be able to crank out multiple worlds in a year or two, and hat's off to that talent!

For the record, that's definitely not me, at least not yet.  I found I can come up with multiple stories in a year, sure, but fully fleshing them out, writing them, and then refining them into a presentable form is another story entirely.  Perhaps if I didn't have this pesky 9 to 5 I'd be a lot faster.  Time, with luck, will tell.

On to Stargate Universe!

I missed SGU Friday because I was out seeing Kick-Ass with Ellie, but I caught up on hulu yesterday.  (You can find my review of KA here.)

I was very worried that the story was about to take a serious downturn about mid-way through the episode.  The Destiny comes into a system that isn't on their charts, and they discover an Earth-like planet with perfect living conditions for humans.  This eventually leads to certain members of the crew wanting to stay on the planet when Destiny gears up to leave the system, and that's where I began to worry that SGU was about to start to mirror BSG (similar episodes that led up to the "Adama Maneuver" in the 3rd Season of BSG; a YouTube search for it is worth the effort).

The episode is called "Faith", and for the first time in the season the question of religion comes up, which worried me even more.  Fortunately, the episode eventually does turn around and become its own take on the issue of having faith in an unknown.  I was pleased by the end about how it was handled, and the revelations about character backgrounds and psychology were very interesting.

SGU continues to be my favorite Sci-Fi show on television.

That's all for today!  Happy Sunday all!


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