Please Don't Make that Movie! (Make This One Instead!)

-Insert appropriate greeting for your time/space coordinates here-

Home for the day in preparation for certain events this weekend and taking some time to scan the blogosphere for interesting news.  While doing so I found this horrible travesty of an idea on Scifi Wire.

So what's the idea?  

Well, Hollywood is attempting to launch a new movie series based on the classic Hasbro board game Battleship starring Taylor Kitsch (Gambit from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, also from Friday Night Lights which I admit I don't watch).  So far so good yes?  Well, they think it's a good idea to make the premise focused on an "international navy" fighting "water-bound aliens from outer space."  I'm not kidding, look at the link above.

My first reaction is: "are you kidding?"  Sadly the answer is no as far as I can tell.

I've been known to watch and even enjoy some pretty stupid movies, but something like this is so ridiculous on its face that I think I'd probably wind up with a bad case of nausea if I ever even tried to watch a movie like this.  Why the hell would aliens even bother engaging the Earth on the oceans when they can just annihilate us from orbit instead?  A few hefty high iron content meteors and we're all back in the stone age anyways.  A few well timed rocks dropped on our navy from orbit, and all but the deep diving submarines are taken care of.   I really don't think Hollywood is thinking here.... Oh right, it's Hollywood, thinking was outlawed years ago.

-Big Sighs-

So as "original" as this plot sounds (and I don't think basing a movie on a board-game is original, besides it being a bit stupid, it's also been done before), I'm hoping it dies in the god-forsaken minds of those who had the audacity to think it up.

I also came across an actual original idea on the same site (original is a relative term here, yes, yes, I know that there really are no original ideas and everything one can think up is based on reality, or someone else's ideas...)  Below is a short from the Philips Parallel Lines Project wherein five directors were each given a single set of dialog, and produced five different films.  The following is by director Carl Erik Rinsch, and is now being optioned for a full feature film (which I'd love to see based on what follows).

In other news, I also caught myself up on V this week, and am finding it much more interesting than I had at first, but I'll save that for another post.

Be well all!


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