A Quick Celebratory...

Dropping in for a quick celebratory note!

I'm finally finished with the major edit on my book!  This is an exciting time!

Although the procrastination-star has been destroyed...
-Just kidding.

I think the work is finally ready to enter phase 2 of the process (or 3 if you count 2 as the self-editing cycle-1), which is the part where I start to solicit readers and commentators from among my friends.  Ellie, of course, gets first read through, but I'm planning on asking a select group of people in the near future to render unto me slices of their life-essence to take the measure of my labor.

I managed to cut the word count down from well over 100k to around 99k or so.  It surprised me how many words I actually wound up cutting because they were "extraneous" or in need of "rephrasing".  This is a very good thing indeed because if my research is correct, the 99k figure puts the novel closer to the "ideal" length for someone just starting out.  I wonder how long the final draft will wind up being...

In any case, I just wanted to share the happy moment!

Oh and SGU was very cool last night, but more on that next post.

Be well!


  1. Congrats on finishing your edit. 99k sounds like a good length.


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