Light Amusement

Hiya All
Happy Memorial Day to my US readers!
(Happy Monday to the rest of you)

Writing the novel and editing/polishing book 1 continues.  Things are going swimmingly and I'm finding as I edit book 1 it's giving me many solid ideas for book 2 and where to take the plot.  Happiness is never running out of ideas for writing.

So now I have to turn myself in.

Last night I was out with Ellie for Memorial Day celebrations with future relatives, and let's just say that I remembered I had my writing group about 3 hours too late.
My apologies to all involved.

On a lighter note...

Got this one off of George R.R. Martin's blog.  I'm probably going to spend the next few hours trying to get it unstuck from my head, but it's amusing enough to be worth it.  This goes out to all of us struggling writers.



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