SGU... Oh SGU...

Stargate Universe Update

Last night's SGU was the first one I that I would define as a "filler" episode.  It did absolutely nothing to move the overall plot forward, and overall it was a bit boring.  We didn't find anything out about anyone we didn't already know, and even more bizarre, they didn't discuss or even acknowledge the big event from last week.  It was as if the episode from last week never happened.

To be honest, I'm a bit disappointed with the show after last night.  I really hate filler episodes and I usually think of them as being a symptom of poor sit-com style writing.  This is a bad sign for SGU.  I hope they don't go down this road again, but unfortunately the door is open on the ugly possibility that there's more to come.  What's worse is that once again they took the easy way out and the solution to the rather vapid problem they were having they just happened to have on board from a previous episode.

The fact that said solution was something they've used in previous episodes was just salt in the wound.  It was kind of like the "does everything button" from Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.  Miracle substance X that we thought was gonna kill us all in episode A actually solves every medical problem we ever have.

Unfortunately, next week's episode doesn't look any better.  I can only hope that I'm proven wrong.


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