Greetings Fellow Terrans!

I'm absolutely ecstatic today!
Two things this morning have me quite excited.  The first is that I saw Inception last night with Ellie.  Here's the trailer off of YouTube:

The movie is about a group of data thieves who have invented a new way to steal corporate and classified information -through someone's dreams.  The group makes both powerful friends and ruthless enemies in the corporate world, and at the start of the film they are hunted by mercenaries hired by a former client after they botched a job.  The only way out of their troubles is to pull off a last mission, plant an idea in someone's head instead of stealing it.  The job is nearly impossible as the mind can recognize a foreign idea and quash it if the job isn't done properly, and the team's leader, Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio), is barely able to keep the darker side of his sub-conscious from leaking into the dreamworld and getting them all killed.

What makes this movie great are three things.  The storyline, although very complex, is so well put together that it flows without any plot holes that I could find, and in a fluid enough manner as to be easy to follow (just don't miss a second of dialogue or you might get lost).  The cinematography is beautiful, and manages to portray dream worlds without relying on any cheesy tricks or unnecessary special effects.  Lastly, the characters are fascinating, and the writers did an excellent job of filling in their backgrounds and motivations in such a way that both Ellie and I were biting our nails with anxiety through nearly the entire movie.

Inception easily blows away all of the other movies we've seen this year, and most of the movies I've seen ever.  Wow...

The second thing that has me so excited today is I found a website with episodes of Blake's 7, a sci-fi show that ran on the BBC from 1978-1981 and that I was lucky enough to see as a kid.  Sure, it's got loads of horrible special effects and a horribly low budget (the second episode features a piece of equipment that is supposed to tell a computer to open and close doors.  It is made out of an undecorated collapsible TV antenna which works just by being pressed against the computer's surface), but the writing is spot-on and the dialog is cutting and witty even to my 21st century ears.
I've been looking for this show for years now, and sadly, it is still not available on DVD (or any other physical media) in the U.S.  If it were, I'd buy the whole series in a heartbeat.

I leave you with the opening credits from YouTube.


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