Impressive Home Science, SGU, and more!

Howdy all!

Hope today finds everyone well.  It's been a while, so I have a bunch of things to catch up on here.

First off, someone posted something on facebook that really blew my mind and made me smile at the same time.  The video is self-explanatory, and very well put together, so I encourage everyone to have a look (only about 7 mins or so).

Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo.

I can't even begin to tell you how cool I think this is.  I'm impressed and jealous no science class I ever had did anything this cool!  I'm most interested in everyone's comments on this, so please feel free to post away.

Stargate: SGU

SGU is back on!  We're a couple of episodes in now, and my overall impression is that the show's writers are trying to take it in a somewhat divergent direction from its original path.  I'm happy about this, don't get me wrong, but at the same time I am worried.  (Some mild spoilers follow, so if you haven't been watching and intend to please skip to the next section).

First of all, the whole TJ-baby-alien saviors thing is weird.  The universe in which the story is set has already established the existence of divinely powerful beings like the Ancients and the Orai, but throwing in a potential third (the solar system builders) and involving them in allegedly saving TJ's baby was a bit hard for me to swallow.  I'm hoping that all is a self-delusion of TJ's to help her cope, but if it's not I'm going to find myself a bit disappointed.  There was no mention of the baby's body missing (thanks for pointing that out Ellie), and if the baby was allegedly saved that should have been said, so I maintain some hope that the show will stick to not being completely ridiculous.

Second, they are finally confronting (at least in a mild way) the whole Franklyn gone missing thing.  Franklin, for those of you who forgot, was the scientist who sat in the knowledge chair and vanished.  I've been waiting to see if they were going to resolve this for months now since, much like TJ's baby, no one seems to talk about him even though the man vanished into thin air...  (Unless your name is Eli, Rush, or Young, don't get hurt on Destiny, your crew mates will ostracize and forget you apparently).  I hope they do more with this since they have the potential to have something majorly cool happen and they've just been sitting on it almost to the point of absurdity.

Third, what's with Chloe and the whole instant healing?  They have been mentioning it in a sort of "guess what happened, isn't that weird" way but it hasn't been the kind of earth-shattering news it should be, you know, like Franklin or... nevermind...  This is yet another thing I'm hoping gets explored at least a bit in the coming episodes.

Finally, I do like the drama they've set up with Rush and the bridge.  We're getting to see that Rush hasn't really evolved much since Season 1, and I'm actually enjoying watching him be a complete minkia to his fellow humans.  It's what I would call, enjoyably frustrating.  I'm looking forward to Young finding out that Rush has the bridge...  If the writers ever get around to it.

Oh and did I forget Colonel Telford?  I bet you the writers will too...

Time will tell.

Book Update

A while back I finished book one of a story I'm actually trying to get published.  I was all set to go agent hunting, and I had Ellie re-read it as I'd made some changes to the story and put in some corrections...  And about a week later she handed it back to me (I even had the draft bound at Staples for coolness factor) with a ton of notes on continuity errors and a few grammar issues that had slipped my vision.  So I'm back in editing mode.

While waiting for book one to make it back to me, I started plotting out books 2 and 3, and the whole universe exploded in my head (in a good way), so I've also been frantically scribbling notes on new species, technology, etc. and came up with some stuff I'm desperate to use.  So now I've either got to work out how to edit in some things, or plot out a sort of second generation story (which is what I'm leaning towards, the changes would alter the universe too much) that can be written while I work on story 1 (editing is hard, boring work for me, I need creative breaks).  So that's where I'm at right now.

I'm also still hunting (when not busy with life, which has gotten very annoying recently) an agent up.  If anyone has any tips on doing this, do let me know.

And that's the update.

Be well all!


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