A Brief Ark of Your Time

Greetings all!

Not too much time to write this week so I'm gonna cut right to it.

I found a new web series to like.  It's called Ark, and is available on Hulu.

Written by Robbie Thompson, directed by Ray Stokes, and starring Renee O'Connor (Gabrielle from Xena), Ark is the story of a mother who falls asleep one day and wakes up on a seemingly alien star ship bound for parts of the galaxy unknown the next.  I HIGHLY recommend watching it.  The entire season is only about 40 minutes of actual viewing time (rough estimate, I'm not actually looking it up right now).  the plot pulled me right in from the first episode, and only got more intense as it went along.

Below is the first episode.  Give it a watch, and hopefully continue on to Hulu for the rest.  The more hits on Hulu this thing gets, the more likely there will be a season 2.  (The producers are using web hits as a market gauge.)

Unfortunately, that's all for this week.  I'm having a bit of a busy weekend.
Enjoy Ark!  Be well all!


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