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Finally Got Around to It

Greetings all, I hope life is treating everyone well today.
I finally got around to watching Predators, you know, that Adrien Brodie movie that I said last year was part of his effort to damage the Sci-Fi genre?  Well, as it turns out, I wasn't being entirely fair.  This is going to be a case of my opening my mouth too soon, I think, because after the credits rolled on Predators I actually thought to myself "wow, that wasn't so bad."

It could be that my expectations were so low that a completely lack-luster movie came off being entertaining, or it could be that the movie actually isn't so bad, but whatever the case I liked it for what it was.  The plot isn't exactly intellectual -Predators kidnap the most dangerous humans on Earth, drop them into an alien jungle, then hunt them down for sport- but it's not exactly like the plot to any Predator movie is cerebral.  This one did a good job of honoring the first, making several references to it, and even managed to add a little bit to keep things interesting.

The celebrity appearances by Danny Trejo, and Lawrence Fishburne were a bit disappointing.  I was definitely hoping for a bit more out of them, but aside from that I have few negative comments about the movie.  The only other thing that bothered me was the ending, which was that "things unresolved" thing that bothers me so much.  If they were going to make a sequel continuing the plot-line, it would be okay, but I doubt it.  After the last shot I had a feeling like they must've just run out of money and called it quits.  I really dislike movies that end like that.

I may actually Netflix Splice now, just to see how ol' Adrien did in that.  Props to you Mr. Brodie, you did a lot better in sci-fi than I was expecting.


So this past week's SGU was a bit of a downer too.  The episode itself wasn't so bad, but it left me wondering at the end what the point was.  The writers went through all this trouble to get certain characters back on the ship, only to have them taken out of the action again within 3 episodes.  Just when I thought things were finally coming together, and the cancellation was going to actually hurt, the writing takes this painful turn and reminds me that I really won't be missing SGU that much.

The other issue I had was with the random pull a civilization out of the SG-1 backfiles (as far as I can tell that's what they did, though I did have a hard time finding them on the web) and screw around with it.  It was disorienting to suddenly have to figure out how the SG team even knew about this civilization, since there was nothing in the way of explanation of who the new people were and why they knew everyone.  Again, I guess I won't be missing SGU all that much after all.

The best I'm thinking I can hope for at this point is that the last bunch of episodes won't be as painful, and SGU will gracefully go out instead of spitting a bunch of cuss words at its audience, tripping down the stairs, and crashing through the door on the way out (which actually happened at my day job once when someone was fired.  Comedic gold. -don't worry, he deserved it.)

And that's all for this week!  Be well all!



    It's been in five episodes of SG-1, as well as being the home planet for season 5 regular Jonas Quinn.

    But honestly, I don't think any of that was important to the episode. All that was important was that they could help with the Icarus plan and didn't want to, which led to the events of the episode.

  2. Crazypants you rock! Thanks for the link! Also, apologies for taking so long to respond to this (I've been mighty distracted from the blog).

    Also, I agree with you. It's part of the problem I've had with the SGU series as a whole. Unimportant tie-ins seemed like one of the recurring themes. For example, the Lucian Alliance's attack on Earth... Did it really impact the events on Destiny? Etc.

    As for the episode in question, they could've put any vaguely friendly species/sovereignty into the Langara's place (The Tok'ra, if they're still around, for example. I may have missed their demise though, I didn't really watch much of the last season of SG-1).


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