A Brief SGU Update

SGU Update
I've been a bit behind in keeping up with SGU.  Last night I watched Epilogue, and I'm probably going to watch Monday night's episode tonight.  I'll make this quick.

Although Epilogue did have something to offer in that it was more cohesive than some of the episodes have been, it still had me bored almost to tears.  I don't know what it is with the writers and this flashback/flashforward/whatever junk they keep pulling (the Halloween episode will live forever in infamy), but it's really getting on my nerves.  I honestly didn't care about what went on during the settlement of Novis, or what the crew's alternate selves did and thought.  It seemed like a truly long-winded device to build dramatic tension around TJ, and it even failed at that.  It was enough to leave it that the people they are now encountering are their alternate selves' decendents.

Furthermore, I had a lot of trouble believing that Destiny didn't have anything useful as far as curing a genetic disease goes in its databanks.  TJ, a field medic, can perform an operation that requires more than a decade to learn with the help of the computer, then how is it that the computer can't tell her how to do something that's, at least technologically, far easier?  Don't tell me the Ancients' computer banks have enough info about a human kidney and vascular system to do a transplant without killing both patients, yet doesn't know a thing about the basic building blocks of human life.

I guess I shouldn't be so surprised or offended.  I should expect this crap from a series that has dropped us into dramatic situations with no lead in, and no explanation anywhere in certain episodes as to why a particular thing happened.  Overall I'd say the series has been a disappointing mediocrity.  It's like the writers haven't cared about us, the audience, enough to put something truly cohesive or creative up to watch.  Unlike it's predecessors Galactica, and even Caprica, the show has taken almost no risks and stayed so firmly within known sci-fi territory, that it's been one boring adventure after another.

I've had it with these writers shoving this drivel down my throat.  I'm actually glad that the show is done for.  It isn't enough that every 3rd episode is actually worth watching, they've really flubbed up a great concept that could have been really, really cool.  I will, of course, watch it to the end to see what happens, but it's not going to be with so much as a drop of the pain I felt watching the last episodes of Farscape or Galactica.  My only real regret is that the effect of the show being so, mediocre, is that it may be a while before a network sponsors a real, hard-core, sci-fi show again; though I hope this isn't the case.

And that's all for now.  I'll report in again once I'm fully caught up.


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