A Sort of Filler Post

Greetings all!

So I was just nosing around the controls for the blog and I noticed there was one labeled "stats".  So, out of curiousity, I clicked on it and was somewhat surprised to see that at one point there were at least 63 views of my blog!

So, it seems I was wrong about how many people actually pay attention to my ramblings.  I had presumed the number to be much lower.  Recently, of course, the number has dropped off (mainly because I haven't updated the blog, I bet), but I'm going to see if I can't get that number back up or even higher.

Tonight the episode of Stargate Universe I missed should be airing.  We've got the DVR all set to go, so this time I won't miss it.  I'll definitely try (ha ha, you thought I was going to make a committed statement, didn't you?) to have a post about it up tomorrow.  I believe it is the season's last episode.  I had a coworker make some interesting statements about it today (spoiler free, the guy is good) so I'm rather curious to see what kind of note it ends on.

What I'm hoping for is something that will actually make me miss the show, just a little, because right now I'm still feeling rather "meh" about it.

In other news, I decided to rewrite huge sections of my book before going about finding an agent.  Yeah, I know, it's been a few years I've been at it now.  In my own defense I shall say the following:

a) As George RR Martin once stated (in so many words, I'm paraphrasing) I'd rather take a long time to write a good book, than spew out page after page of mediocrity.

B) I really fell in love with the universe I'm writing in, and I really, really want it to work so I'm trying to make it as perfect as possible.

C) In accordance with (B), I decided to delete several characters entirely and rewrite the plot so that it is both more exciting, and more involving (I hope).

All of the above take a bit of time, which is something I haven't had much of lately.  I blame life, really, but in any case I'm back at it an hoping to have it all polished and whatnot within a month... Fingers crossed...

Alrighty, all for now.  Hope to see you all making that little stats thingy climb back up the graph soon!

Be well!


  1. Glad to hear you're back to work on the novel. It is a good universe, and worth spending the time on. If you need a peer review, don't hesitate to send things my way.

    - Claire

  2. Thanks Claire!

    I think I will be taking you up on that soon. Did a major revamp of the universe this year. Rewriting about 1/3 of the book to fit the revamp. I think it's going to have a much more unique flavor this way, and it works a lot better for the plot.

    You'll get stuff soon, now that you've offered. I want to get a big chunk done first.



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