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Greetings All

With SGU dead and gone it's been a bit of a slow week for me, sci-fi wise at least.  However, there's been some neat developments on the science front.

NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer recently confirmed evidence that the mysterious force known as "Dark Energy" (Asthmatic breathing) is real and the driving force behind our universe's expansion.  I can't say I'm surprised.  I've been hearing about this theory for a while now, but it's nice to have some evidence to back it up.
The Explorer measured the relative speeds of over 200,000 galaxies to reach its conclusion.  You can read about it here.

More interesting for me is the prospect of one day being able to manipulate Dark Energy in some way.  Imagine the ability to control a force which is, for all practical purposes, anti-gravity.  Flying cars, force fields, and possibly FTL travel systems all become possible.  My mind is already swimming with story ideas.

And now to the Trailerverse...

Real Steel starring Hugh Jackman, caught my attention.  It seems to be a kind of Rocky meets Robots story.  I admit, it sounds cheesy but the trailer sold me on the idea.  Here it is below:

I've seen enough X-Men First Class trailers recently to get really interested in it.  If done right the movie is going to really shine, but I'm not getting my hopes up too much.

Also, being a fan of the original Conan movie, I'm looking forward to the new one.  It's another that could prove a horrible disappointment, but hopefully it'll be an entertaining romp through a brutal fantasy world...

Also, coming up in theaters, is Cowboys and Aliens starring Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig, and JJ Abrams' Super-8.  Both of these I have high hopes for (hokey fun ones for Cowboys, and serious suspense-sci-fi for Super-8).  I'll blog about them here once I actually get around to seeing them.

In the last news for today.

I actually went and joined the Twitterverse this week based on a friend's recommendation.  I don't really care what certain people are doing at every minute of every day, but the NASA feed is pretty cool.  For example, they tweet the exact times of shuttle launches, ISS docks, and they also link to video feeds from certain shuttle missions so you can watch what our space-bound endeavors are adding up to.  Pretty cool stuff.

 That's all for this week!

Be well!


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