I think I'm Turning PC... And E3!

Greetings!  It's that time of year again (E3)
But first, a personal note about my upcoming metamorphosis:

It's been an interesting week for me.  Aside from having my 3rd anniversary with Ellie (making this the longest relationship I've ever had), but I'm actually in the process of going from being a Mac person to a PC person -a change I never imagined I would ever undergo.

I'm not sure where this evolution actually started, but looking back on it a few things really stand out.  For one, I've been using PC's at work for years now.  I've noticed improvements in the operating systems as time went on, though I was quite derisive about these for a long time.  Then Ellie got a new computer last year with Windows 7.   I first became fascinated with her morphic desktop, but the more I watched her use the system the more I realized that Windows 7 was actually pretty cool.  It looked good, ran smoothly, and was very customizable.

The real nails in the coffin for my relationship with Apple came at the launch of the iPad, which prevented me from doing some quick software shopping at the mall.  (We got directed to a line to wait for access to the store, when I really had no interest in an iPad and was looking for a new writing program -we weren't about to wait for the "privilege" of entering a store.  Apple didn't get my money.  I was so aggravated with them I made this post over on LJ.)  That incident, I think, really began to open the door for PC.

Since then it's been a slow process.  Ultimately, it came down to three key factors.  First, my favorite writing program Scrivener released a Beta for PC (it's primarily a Mac based program).  Second, the Old Republic seems to only be coming out for PC, and third, when I actually did start looking at PC's in detail I realized I can get a more powerful computer with more upgrade capabilities for less money.  BANG!  Last nail in, let's put that Apple in the ground!

So in a few weeks my brand new PC should be here... and my journey to the dark side will be complete!

Speaking of PC, I realized yesterday how impressed I've been with the XBox 360.  It's another device I never imagined I'd be as into as I have become.  The game selection kicks butt, the play is smooth, and it looks like it's only getting better.  Oh yeah, and SONY sucks!  (Thanks so much for spending on your IT security SONY, we all appreciate it I'm sure.... Jerks...)

Also of interest, I'm currently in the process of catching up on E3.  It's another thing I didn't imagine I would be as into as I am.  I spent many a happy hour yesterday watching demos and video game trailers for the upcoming games.  Granted, this is something I'd normally do, but I'm also interested in what the developers have to say about what they're doing, and how they are intending to integrate the use of newer technologies like XBox's Kinect.

Am I maturing as a gamer?  Maybe.  LoL.

So here are a few trailers from games I'm very much looking forward to:

Mass Effect 3:

The Old Republic:

Assassin's Creed Revelations:

And the one that most surprised me in going from "what's that?" to "must have":

And that's all for now! Hope you enjoyed the trailers, and are as psyched as I am for the next 365 days of gaming!

Be well all!


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