My Review of Revan

Review of Revan, by Drew Karpyrshyn

Overall Revan was an okay book. Although I read on Mr. Karpyrshyn's twitter feed that the end was disliked, I didn't mind it as much as some people did. The last few battles were a little flat, and Mr. Karpyrshyn's interpretation of Revan didn't entirely sit well with me.

I also didn't particularly care for the amount of characters from the Knights of the Old Republic game that got sidelined. It's always frustrating to see a beloved character get a minor appearance and then be ignored. The book definitely would have benefited from having at least one other companion be directly involved in events. As it stands, Revan felt too short and under-developed.

The book raised some interesting questions for the SW The Old Republic game plot line. Unlike Mr. Karpyrshyn's previous Star Wars work, like the Darth Baen series, Revan is obviously written as a supplement to the SWTOR game and doesn't really stand up well on its own. If you don't play the game, this work will feel a bit hollow.

Revan definitely wasn't Mr. Karpyrshyn's best book.


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