Blood Siren Book One is out tomorrow!

An exiled corporate lord

A cyborg with a past he can't remember

And a plot to rule the Orion Spur by any means necessary!

Blood Siren Book One is out tomorrow on!

It is the 25th century C.E.

Cylus Keltan wants nothing more than to stay out of the poisoned bed of greed and politics, but as the last heir to a financial empire spanning hundreds of star systems no one wants to let him be alone.  When a close friend throws himself from a mile-high window, Cylus is forced back into the world he swore never to return to.  With the help of the cyborg investigator, Nero Graves, he uncovers a plot to cripple the government and deploy an alien super plague with the potential to kill billions known only as "Siren."

Can they discover the link between his friend's death and Siren before it's too late?

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