Exoplanet Awesomeness

I admit it.

I'm a super-sucker for any kind of news about exoplanets.

It's probably my love of the concept of alien life, or maybe my wish to see a future like that I grew up experiencing in works of science fiction.  Whatever the case, my heart starts racing every time NASA (or any other space agency) announces a new discovery.

I'm particularly happy that the NASA space telescope Spitzer, an infra-red observatory, has detected direct light from one of the "super earth" classified planets in another solar system!

Watch for yourself!

(Video is courtesy Space.com & NASA)

I've heard rumor of a space observatory scheduled to launch that might actually be able to photograph an exoplanet.  I hate to say this, but I saw it on a science channel show and now I can't remember the name.  Once I track it down, I'll blog about it.

The future is going to be very interesting!

See the original Space.com article here.
You can find the NASA page here.


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