The Sevens Game

So I was reading in Martha Bourke's blog today and came across this Seven Sentences game.

The rules are simple.

Turn to page 77 of your current novel.
Go down to line 7.
Copy down the next 7 sentences verbatim, no cheating/spot editing!
Tag 7 authors.

So here goes!

The following sentences are from my novel, Blood Siren Book One.

"You can relax now, Baron." Nero smiled.

Baron Keltan was wide-eyed. "Can I?"

Nero grinned, opened the canopy, and hopped out.

His companion joined him and led the way across the oddly spongy surface of the pad towards a recessed door on one of the towers.

The door slid open when they were a few meters from it revealing the famous striped pigmy Baron
Revenant used as a bodyguard.

Tagging Authors:

John-Paul Cleary
Zena Shapter
Elise Stokes
Jodi McClure
Pauline Jones
William J Kenney
J.C. Cassels

I highly recommend checking out their websites, and especially their work!


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