My Review of The Eden Paradox

The Eden Pardox by Barry Kirwan

The only unique resource on Earth not readily available elsewhere in the solar system is us, and Mr. Kirwan knows it.

With the art of a master swordsman, Mr. Kirwan carves out a tale of diabolical intent and our desperate struggle against both ourselves and an implacable, superior enemy.  His characters are instantly involving.  Each has a unique history and cultural background that is made clear through clever use of exposition and offhand remarks that really convince the reader that these are real people involved in a visceral struggle for survival.

Overall Mr. Kirwan made excellent use of mixing dialog with exposition, although there were a few places where I felt he should have spent more time showing the reader some of the action leading to the present situation instead of having a character reminisce about the past.  At no point did the book feel rushed or ponderous.  His ability to merge poetic prose with technical knowledge and amazing descriptions that kept clicking the forward button on my Kindle in every free moment I had.  At no point did the science overwhelm the story and the book is a smooth read from start to finish.

Mr. Kirwan's plot line is complex, but he uses his superior writing talent to tie all the lines together to a satisfying, and chilling conclusion that left me wishing I had already bought the sequel.

Truly, if you don't read this book you're missing out.  I highly recommend The Eden Paradox to any lover of science fiction and good, edge of your seat stories.


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