I'm Looking for Your Help

I've recently decided it's time to rev up a new approach to advertising my novel, Blood Siren Book One.
The present plan is to create a set of cards to leave at key locations: coffee shops, community boards, comic book stores, etc. to drum up interest in both the book and my website.  I'll also be featuring the ad on facebook, and possibly with Google as well.

I've come up with a few taglines, and I need your help to figure out which line would work best.

Please pop over to my website, www.cygnusorion.com, and vote on the survey.  It is located below the purchase links for Blood Siren.

Your help will be appreciated!

I will announce the winning ad at the end of the week.  Will it be the one you voted for?  Stay tuned to cygnusorion.com to find out!


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