NASA's on the way to Pluto!

It's been a long time since I've done a science update, and I just couldn't help myself after hearing about this!

New Horizons, a space probe launched in 2006, is on its way to Pluto.  Although it still has 4 years left until it arrives, it's already starting to reveal some of the cold dwarf-planet's mysteries.  Pluto appears to have multiple moons!  Personally, I never would have imagined this would be the case.  I always thought of Pluto as small, and wondered how it could have a moon at all.

2016 should be a very interesting year.  New Horizons is going to pass so close to Pluto's surface that it will be able to take detailed pictures of its surface.  Watch the movie for details!

(Video courtesy NASA)


  1. Woot! It puts it in perspective to realize my daughter was born the year it launched and will be in junior high before it reaches destination.

  2. It goes to show just how far apart everything really is. The solar system is a big place, and the galaxy even bigger!


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