A Brief Review of Red Shirts

For me, the initial attraction to this book was its amusing concept. It played itself out pretty well, and had some clever moments I thoroughly enjoyed, but in some ways the satirical aspect went on a bit long for my tastes.  By the end, I had a lukewarm feeling about the book. I think the work wound up being too much of a meta-Russian doll for my tastes, but that's really a statement about me and not any reflection on the book. It's well written, by someone who worked on one of my all-time favorite sci-fi shows (SGU), and if you enjoy multi-layered satire, laughed at Star Trek (at least it's original version), you'll probably enjoy this book a lot.

Oh, one last note before I sign off: The book probably could have done without the codas at the end (though I did enjoy the first one).


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