With Fingers Crossed

I know I should be writing a longer blog post than this, but I'm going to plead exhaustion tonight.

Yesterday I managed to get Blood Siren in under the wire for the Harper-Voyager open submissions. I've got my fingers crossed for the next three months!

In re-editing the book (cleaning up some post-publishing typos, errors, and such—I'll be looking into getting corrections out for Kindle and NOOK soon) I came up with some more ideas about things going on in the background (the story behind the story) that will fill in some details. So, I'm working on some "filler" short stories and the like. Perhaps, one day, I'll put them into one volume in a kind of "Blood Siren Complete Edition" or some such—but for now, they'll stay separate while I wait to hear if Blood Siren made it or not.

Here's to hoping!


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