Auroratrek - An original sci-fi movie worth your time!

While scanning Youtube for sci-fi clips I came across this gem.

It's a story set in the Star Trek universe made by Auroratrek. Instead of focusing on Starfleet, it follows the exploits of an independent merchant, Kara Carpenter, and her vulcan first mate, T'Ling. The story is first rate, and quite touching as well. Although a little slow at first, it is absolutely worth an hour of your time. Below you'll find the movie in its entirety, but Youtube has it broken into episodes if you just want a sample first.

Here's the synopsis from the website (

"Star Trek: Aurora follows the exploits of captain Kara Carpenter and her new (and only) Vulcan first mate T'Ling on their tiny merchanter cargo ship Aurora. This fully CG-animated movie is set just after the original Star Trek series in a lawless sector of space, where Kara and T'Ling engage in their marginal venture while trying to both turn a profit and stay out of trouble, but even in the vastness of space, trouble is never far away...and sometimes the past is never far enough behind."
-Excerpt from

If you'd rather watch the movie on the website, you can find it here.


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