Sci-Fi Picks for 2013- Part1: Games

The end of 2012 approaches, and since we didn't die in a rain of fire on the 22nd, it's about that time when everyone starts coming out with lists.

The last few weeks have been busy ones for me. I've been working on getting a cover for the upcoming short stories set in the Blood Siren universe, as well as lining up one for the sequel, "Keltan's Gambit."
I've also been working on some new chapters, and adding elements to streamline the new additions into the universe as a whole.

Part of what I do to keep myself in the mindframe of a future world when not writing, is to watch trailers for the latest sci-fi media. 2013 promises to be a good year for sci-fi, and today I'd like to share what I've been looking at with you, starting with my 5 picks for sci-fi related video games in 2013.

5. Fuse- or, the game formerly known as Overstrike

I'm a little conflicted about this. Fuse was originally called "Overstrike" and was initially marketed as a quirky shooter that looked like a ton of fun. Apparently, EA has repackaged the game, now called "Fuse," as a darker and more standard-looking 3rd person shooter. Quite frankly, it looks like a lot less fun to me, but hopefully I'm wrong.  Below is the Fuse trailer, followed by the original Overstrike trailer.

4. Metal Gear Rising Revengeance and Metal Gear Solid Grounds Zero

Two Metal Gear installments are up for release in 2013. The first in January, Metal Gear Rising Reveangeance, focuses on Raiden—a sword-wielding cyborg warrior introduced in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Despite its seeming cheese-factor, I'm a bit of a sucker for high-tech sword fighting (swords turn up in my writing all the time), and it looks like it might be fun to get some serious cyborg-slashing action that this game promises.

Metal Gear Solid: Grounds Zero is due out late next year (rumored to be September 2013), and features the hero of the series, Solid Snake. I'm not sure I buy the "guy hunched over from age but still kicking ass" thing, and I wasn't so hot on the last Metal Gear Solid installment, but as with every MGS game it has the potential to be something very cool. The first MGS game remains one of my all-time favorites—ever.

The trailer is 10 minutes long, so rather than feature it here, you can click on this link to see it.

3. Tomb Raider: Survivor

I was never big into Tomb Raider back in the day, but this reboot has me interested. Unlike the lonely romps through forgotten caverns that the first of the series had, Survivor looks to be an Uncharted style romp through a trap and treasure-hunter infested wilderness. Making this a reboot with an unexperienced Lara Croft may have been a stroke of genius, or it may wind up falling flat. Time will tell.

2. The Last of Us

In my humble opinion this was one of the most interesting trailers from 2012's E3. This game, made by the same folks that brought you Uncharted, takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where you not only have to figure out how to survive, but must also defend your young, female companion. With good graphics and a story that sounds compelling, I'm looking forward to playing this one next year.

1. Beyond Two Souls

This is one I'm definitely looking forward to. Besides being a sucker for swordplay, I'm a huge sucker for psychic powers, secret organizations, and all out mind-versus-gun fights. This game has it all. I'm chomping at the bit to get at this one in 2013!

-And that's my top 5 for games. Next post I'll write about the promising sci-fi movies of 2013. Be sure to check it out!


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