Towerfall Announced!

I'm very excited to announce a new story set in the same universe as Blood Siren!

Towerfall stars Cygni Lau-Aragón, a reporter assigned to investigate the death of a popular baron in the Confederation, and signals the launch of a new story arc that will be featured in future stories.

Towerfall Cover Art by Michael Lam, ©2012

The cover art is by the talented Michael Lam. I promise a visit to his site will not be wasted!

Here's what it's all about:

Cygni Aragón is an investigative reporter for the Confederation's leading multi-species news outlet, the Spur Herald. Little does she realize what she's getting involved in when she sneaks into the crime scene below the Intelligent Systems Tower and discovers the broken body of a popular Confederate baron.

Was it suicide or murder? 

Cygni's quest to find out will lead her down the rabbit hole into a world of barons, cyborgs, and a conspiracy that could bring down the entire Confederate government.

A new story set in the Blood Siren universe, Towerfall introduces us to a new character in the epic space adventure!

Towerfall will be released soon, I'll keep you updated here and on Twitter and my Facebook page, but look for it sometime towards the end of February!


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