Book Review: Amped by Daniel H. Wilson

Amped, by Daniel H. Wilson

Amped has a fascinating concept, and one that is going to be a pressing issue in the real world in the next 10-20 years if predictions are correct. The book is, in some ways, an examination of the social and ethical issues around what will happen when human beings start to merge with computers. This event, often called "the Singularity," will create a new class of human different from any that has ever lived. The book explores in depth the reaction to this new, faster, smarter human, and from that perspective it is a fascinating read.

Unfortunately, the execution is not what it could have been. Unlike in Robopocalypse, Mr. Wilson fails to deliver in-depth characters that involve the reader. Although some of the characters are interesting in passing, they never really grow or develop past what they are in the beginning of the story. Without seeing that happen I found myself only mildly involved in their fates. I never really grew attached to anyone, and although the book does have some "woot" moments, my reaction upon completing the book was: "well, that was nice" instead of "wow."

In its favor, the book is a quick read and there was enough action and intrigue to keep me turning pages. I did want to know what happened by the end but that, along with the aforementioned general premise, were really the only two things going for Amped.


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