A quick update

Just quick, here's what's going on in the world of my stories: 

I'm taking a survey to name the series/universe. You can take it here: 

Two short stories are available on Amazon.com right now! If you're new to the series or don't want to commit to a full book yet, they're a good place to start out. 

1) The Golden Mean (separate story from the books but vaguely linked)  http://www.amazon.com/The-Golden-Mean-Michael-Formichelli-ebook/dp/B00CL3NOOI 

Art by Michael Lam

Art by Michael Lam

The 2nd edition of book 1, Blood Siren, is about ready to go. It's in the beta-reader phase so I should have a publication date soonish (eventually) which will be announced here and across my other platforms (twitter, FB, etc). I'm hoping for December. 
2nd Edition adds content (5 new chapters), a glossary of future terms in my universe, and a family tree of sorts for the Barony. 

Book 2 is in the draft-revision phase. I decided about 30% of it needed rewriting, but work is progressing. 

I've got another story in the works, same universe, but a totally different plotline/storyline and time. No publication date on that one, but I really liked the way it turned out so it'll happen eventually. 

Stay tuned!


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