KSP- One of the Most Addictive Games Ever (for space enthusiasts)

A few weeks ago I broke my ankle and I've been kind of laid up since. I've spent a good chunk of the down time on a game that I had been referred to by a friend some time back, but hadn't checked out until I was more or less house-bound. I should have checked it out sooner.

Kerbal Space Program is probably one of the best games I've ever played, and it's not even in its final release yet. Developed with NASA, it's a game where you design, build, and fly rockets, space planes, space stations, rovers, etc. as head of the Kerbal Space Program—a fictional version of NASA on the alien world of Kerbin.

The physics are all accurate (or close to it), and the space-ship parts are all ones that have really been used or are being used in space programs today. There are even downloadable mods (for free) that can give you the new parts in use by SpaceX and other modern space companies. Want to recreate the Apollo missions to the moon? No problem (Kerbin has 2 moons). Want to simulate a manned mission to Mars? Can do!

Check out the trailer:

On top of being a fun game, KSP has taught me a lot about real life space exploration (and reminded me that space travel is about arcs, nothing moves in a straight line in space—but not to worry, the game has a lot of easy to use and understand helper tools, so what could have been a struggle has turned into a fun way to learn/relearn some of the basics. Where the in-game tools fall short, the KSP Wiki picks up with simple, easily-understood explanations and instructions; there are also a number of fan-made tutorials on YouTube).

The game retails on Steam for $26.99, though buying it now while it's still in development guarantees you'll get the upgrade to the finished version for no further cost (in an age where games usually cost $30-$50 I view this as a deal). Steam also has occasional sales and I've seen the game go for as little as $14.99. In it's present version it's fully playable, with only a few minor issues. The biggest one is a lack of detail on the home world and some of the outer planets from what I can tell, though I'm sure future updates will remedy this. As much as I want Squad, the developer, to hurry up I also want them to take their time to create a quality product since what they've done so far shows so much promise!

I highly recommend it for any space enthusiast! (And if you're unsure there's a free demo you can try!)


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