Lucy- the New Scarlett Johansson/Luc Besson Movie


Happy Memorial Day Weekend in the USA, and if you served or have someone who is serving, or has served and may no longer be with us, THANK YOU!


For those of you who follow this blog you know every January I do a "what's coming out this year in Sci-Fi" post. It seems I either missed one (not surprising) or this is a late announcement, but there's a new Luc Besson (The Professional/Leon, Fifth Element, etc) movie coming out starring Scarlett Johansson named Lucy.

I don't know much about it yet, save what I've gleamed from the trailer. It seems to be a cross between the Japanese animated film Akira and Bradley Cooper's film Limitless, but that's just what the trailer seems to say. Also, Morgan Freeman is in it (it's like he's the new Gene Hackman—seemingly in everything these days). The one thing that annoys me about this already is the whole myth about only using 10% of your brain thing that just refuses to die. It's not true, you use 100% of your brain, it's just that most of it is dedicated to running your body (breathing, regulating hormones, balancing) and only a portion is used for thinking. I guess if you made a movie about how someone was using more and more of their brain for thinking in a realistic way it'd be pretty depressing. We'd get to see them break down and stop breathing while being smarter... Not a very empowering story I suppose. Anyways...

Judge for yourself:


  1. Hmmm. Apart from the very silly premise, based, as you say, on a "zombie fact" that just won't die, it looks like fun.

    1. Luc Besson is pretty awesome. I've seen some of his French films (in translation) as well as the more popular (in the USA) ones and I'll always give him a chance to entertain me. Not sure how the Akira plot will play out but I guess we'll see.


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