Coming Soon: Blood Siren 2nd Edition + Bonus Content!

Blood Siren 2nd Edition is coming!

Cylus Keltan wants nothing more than to stay out of the poisonous bed of greed and politics, but when his surrogate father throws himself from a mile-high window, he is forced back into the corrupt world he swore never to return to. With the help of Nero Graves, a cybernetic agent, he uncovers a plot to cripple the government and deploy an alien super plague with the potential to kill billions known as "Siren."

Can they discover the link between his friend's death and Siren before it's too late?

Blood Siren 2nd Edition Cover
Art by Michael Lam 2013
Blood Siren's 2nd Edition will have a new cover and will soon be available in print as a physical book! I'm very happy to announce that Michael Lam has once again produced a beautiful cover image for another Orion Spur universe work. The 2nd Edition will feature some corrections in the text, 7 new chapters, plus bonus materials at the end.

Blood Siren will now be available through Amazon's KDP Select service. Those with Amazon Prime will be able to borrow the eBook for free instead of purchasing it. The print copy will be available exclusively through Amazon as well.

The Chronicles of the Orion Spur series will continue later this year with the release of book 2 (hopefully around December), and probably conclude next year (or so) with book 3 and/or 4 (not sure if it's going to run 3 or 4 books yet.)

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