Why My Intended Blog Post for this Week was a Fail

So this week's blog post is a bit of a filler, and apologies about that.

Why is it a filler? Because:

a) I meant to watch "The Machine" this weekend and didn't get to it.

The machine teaser:

b) I'm working on Book 2 of the Chronicles of the Orion Spur (Blood Siren is book 1, and The Golden Mean is in the same universe) and that ate up much of my free time (in a good way).

c) I have a day job, devouring much more free time.

d) Remaining free time spent decompressing with my renewed interest in X-Com Enemy Within (video game).

So all of these things taken together you can see that though I meant to do a review of The Machine this week, I haven't yet. I will though, soon, promise.

A little bit more about item (b) above: I've got book 2 in its 3rd draft now (I'm pretty much settled on the title!), and I've decided to pull a George RR Martin (no, not to take forever to put it or or make it 1000 pages) and reread all of the material about each character before editing their parts, so that's slowing things a bit but in a good way.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the trailers above (check out XCOM, it's awesome if you're into tactical combat games-and yes, the reason aliens are invading Earth isn't as dumb as it usually is in the movies) and I'll have that review up soon!


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