A Vlog is Coming & Updates

Hello All

Just a quick note right now. I'm working on putting a video together that, if it works out, may set the stage for video posting to this blog in the future.

I'm looking for a few ideas for posts, and I'm soliciting ideas from you!

If any of you want to see me talk about anything, answer questions, and the like let me know in the comments or email your idea to mformichelli@cygnusorion.com!


Book 2 of  Chronicles of the Orion Spur (Keltan's Gambit) is cruising along towards publication. I've got a few copies out with beta readers and that means for now, things are on track! I'm hoping to have it out by November of this year, but that might be a bit optimistic so stay tuned!

I've also started book 3, and am about 8 chapters deep into it now. I'm aiming to make it the last book in the series, but I've got a bit of ground to cover so I'll keep everyone posted if it turns into 2 books instead of one. For now though, count COS as being a trilogy. Book 3 will be out sometime next year (not sure when yet, of course!)

And that's it for now!

Don't forget to send me your questions and suggestions for my first vlog!

Be well all!


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