Eden's Revenge is Free!

Hi all. This week I want to bring your attention to a great sci-fi series called The Eden Paradox books. The Eden Paradox blends sci-fi with riveting suspense as it follow's humanity's desperate struggle against a vastly more advanced alien foe. It may seem like an unusual analogy, but the series can be described as a stylistic mix of George R.R. Martin and Star Trek. The characters have real depth, the story is solid space opera mixed with suspense, and no one gets out of this story unscathed.

I recently had the privilege of interviewing the author about his Eden books, sci-fi influences, and the upcoming 4th and final installment in the series. That video will be available soon, but in the meantime:

Eden's Revenge is free on Amazon.com through the end of Wednesday December 17th!

What is it you ask?

Eden's Revenge is book 3 in the Eden Paradox Series by Barry Kirwan, it's also damn-good sci-fi. Now's the perfect time to get caught up before the release of the 4th and final installment.

Have a look at my review from Amazon.com:

For those of us waiting to learn the fate of humanity after Eden's Trial, the wait is finally over. Barry Kirwan returns us to the fringe of the Grid, where we rejoin humanity's struggle to survive in an unforgiving galaxy. His ability to transport the reader to alien worlds with poignant characters and complex, compelling plot lines is exemplified in Eden's Revenge. The scenes play out like a movie you can't look away from as he blends science fiction and suspense into a riveting tale. Your page-turning finger will keep clicking to the very end of this five-star space opera.


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