Happy Holidays and Announcements

Hi all! Happy Holidays!
I have a few quick announcements to make:

First off, starting tomorrow (12/24/14) the Golden Mean will be free to download from Amazon.com.

The Golden Mean is a stand-alone short story, but it links to Blood Siren (and its sequels), so if you haven't checked it out and are looking forward to the release of Keltan's Gambit (Blood Siren Book 2), then grab yourself a copy tomorrow!

Here's the official description:

Will Paradise be Lost?
Beyond the edge of civilized space, Merte Algol has led the people of New Bimini from destitution under the thumb of the Extraterrestrial Mining Corporation to wealth and prosperity. When a message from the Confederation reveals that not only have they not been forgotten, but that they will be receiving a visitor from the most powerful being in human space, it puts everything they have achieved in jeopardy.
Can Merte save the colony? Or is their fragile paradise coming to an end?
Find out in the sci-fi short story: The Golden Mean!

Time for announcement 2!

The Kindle version of Blood Siren will be discounted starting 12/24/14, and ending midnight on 12/26/14 (meaning as the date changes to 12/27).

Blood Siren is the novel that launched the series (it'll be a series in a few weeks, promise!). It's available for Kindle and in Print. Tomorrow is the perfect time to check it out if you haven't done so yet. The price for the eBook will be at its lowest, and will slowly rise back to it's full retail value by Saturday, so act now!

Here's the description:

Cylus Keltan wants nothing more than to stay out of the poisonous bed of greed and politics, but when his surrogate father throws himself from a mile-high window, he is forced back into the corrupt world he swore never to return to. With the help of Nero Graves, a cybernetic agent, he uncovers a plot to cripple the government and deploy an alien super plague with the potential to kill billions known as "Siren." Can they discover the link between his friend's death and Siren before it's too late?

And that's it for today!

Happy Holidays again, and be well everyone!


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