Rambling Update: Moving Closer to Publication & Happy New Year

Happy New Year! (almost)

Just wanted to drop in and do some more announcing and updating before 2014 ends.

Art by Michael Lam 2014

It's been a pretty good year overall. I got Blood Siren 2nd Edition out in publication, and I almost, almost, got Keltan's Gambit out this same year. Looks like I'm going to miss it by about 1-2 weeks, unfortunately, but that's how the book gets bound... or something. Okay, maybe that was a lame joke, but I'm trying to avoid cookie metaphors right now because I'd love a cookie, and don't have any... but I digress.

Art by Michael Lam 2014
As of this moment I'm about 50 pages of editing and 3 emergency scenes (of the "oh crap, I really need to write this right now" kind) away from having Keltan's Gambit right about done. I say "right about" because I always do another read-through after my last round of edits, which usually spawns some last second edits of its own—BUT that does mean I'm very close to sending this baby off for publication. I'm aiming to release the paperback and the Kindle eBook editions at the same time, so standby for whatever reading experience you want more!

Also, coming very soon is my interview with sci-fi author Barry Kirwan (Eden Paradox Series), and following that, his interview with me. Watch for it here and over at barrykirwan.com where you can also find his books. If you're a fan of suspense in your science fiction, I definitely recommend you check them out. The latest and last is Eden's Endgame, just released this holiday season!

Also coming up will be my annual look ahead at the sci-fi movies of 2015. There looks to be some pretty cool ones in the batch, so be sure not to miss it!

And on that note, Happy New Year!


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