Where is Keltan's Gambit? An Update & Back Cover Reveal

Art by Michael Lam 2014

So where is Keltan's Gambit?

You might be asking yourself this question as you read these words, or perhaps you've been waiting for me to finally finish it with a machine's patience (which I thank you for, though I apologize that it's been necessary). I'm glad I can say I'm almost finished with the final draft as of the time of this post. The spine will need some adjusting for the print version after that, and following the modification I should be able to get it up on Amazon for sale.

So what does all of that mean?

KG is 1-2 weeks away from publication. I'm going to really, really, really try to get it out before the end of the month, but if not it'll be early February. I feel terrible about it being so late, but this way I can rest assured that the product you pay for is the absolute best one I could put into your hands.

Here are a few things I think you should know about the book:

1. It's going to be longer than Blood Siren by a bit (100+ pages)

2. Like Blood Siren, it will contain mature content (four-letter words, descriptions of adult activity, violence, etc.) - The intended audience is adults. Consider my books R rated in general, and this one is no exception.

3. The novel will continue the story of the Confederation of Sovereign Systems from Nero's, Cygni's, Cylus', and Ichiro's perspective (as 2nd edition did).

4. Expanded glossary and character information.

And of course, the awesome back cover by Michael Lam for people buying the print edition:

Art by Michael Lam 2014

I noticed some errors in the back cover text of the last version, so while I get that all straightened out here's the artwork without the words.


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