Ex Machina : A Review

I saw Ex Machina last night, and it was awesome.

Written and directed by the same man who brought us 28 Days Later and Sunshine (Alex Garland), Ex Machina gives us a vision of the invention of AI and its consequences. Exploring what will happen when (not if) we create AI is not a new theme, but Ex Machina does it so well the movie made it feel like it was a new idea. I was surprised by the finesse with which the plot twists were pulled off, and I didn't see the end coming, which was the delightful icing on the cake to a very enjoyable film that kept me on the edge of my seat.

It's hard to talk about Ex Machina without giving away too much, so this is going to be a short review. I found myself thoroughly entertained, disturbed, and intellectually stimulated all at once from pretty early on in the film. Each plot twist both revealed new information and obscured the truth of what is going on such that I knew something terrible was going to happen, but I couldn't figure out from which direction it would come—and I loved it.

I left the theater with a smile on my face, happy, but pretty blown away by how dark a masterpiece Ex Machina was. I can't wait to buy it so I can watch it again and again. That doesn't happen very often, and I highly suggest you check this movie out.


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