New Trailers for 3 Upcoming Spec-Fic Films!

It's been a long time since I've made a post, and you have my apologies. It's also been a busy April for me. Work, moving, etc. reduced my available writing time, and I've been using what I do have to work on book 3 of the Chronicles of the Orion Spur. the good news is that the first draft is nearing completion. The bad news is that I probably won't have much free time for a while yet until things get settled.

However, I've got some now, and a couple of trailers came out this week worth noting. The first is the initially leaked and then officially released trailer for Batman v. Superman, Zach Snyder's adaptation of the DC Comics classic coming to us in 2016... Yeah, 2016. It seems like that's an unnecessarily long period of time to wait since they've already started filming and it's still early in 2015, but to be honest, after the first Superman in this series I'm not going to tear my hair out waiting. I wonder if the surprise ending will be Superman killing Batman?

Here it is:
(PS, if you listen carefully you can hear Neal DeGrasse Tyson speaking in the beginning)

The second trailer to come out this week is, of course, Star Wars: The Force Awakens (trailer #2). I'm still skeptical about this movie. I don't trust JJ Abrams with the material, and ugh, that lightsaber, ugh, (and this fan-made trailer actually looks better to me) but it does look a little more interesting than the last trailer at least.


And now for a trailer that I didn't even know was coming, but which blows the other two away. (I'm super-excited for this now):


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