Quick Post About a Cool Site

Hi all, I've been quite busy recently with moving, working on Book 3, and yes, I'll be doing a blog post soon about the new sci-fi TV line-up this fall.

So, as I get all that going I thought I'd plug my friend's website, Sisters In Geek (sistersingeek.com). If you haven't checked it out, you should. It's got a great book review system with icons right at the top of the review to indicate what you'll get into should you choose to read a given book. For example, looking for a fantasy book light on combat and strong on romance? Just check out the icons as you scan down the list and read the review once you find the set you're looking for

Oh, and they also do blog posts about popular movies and TV shows (all geek related), and have a schedule of upcoming movie, tv, and book releases. Very cool stuff, so go check it out.


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