Sci-Fi On this Fall

So I know I took forever getting this together, and some of these shows (all) are old news, but hey. I'm writing book 3, so that's good, right?

Below are my picks to check out this summer/fall for science fiction on TV complete with trailers.

From Fox:

Minority Report was a great movie (as many Phillip K Dick adaptations are. Blade Runner, anyone?) The series picks up with the three gifted children in their young adult lives. Could be interesting.

The Frankenstein Code could either be really cool, or really stupid. I'm leaning towards cool. Basically, think "modern day Frankenstein" and you have the basic plot. Throw in some revenge and eternal youth and that's the show.

Also, just on a personal note here. Fox, if you're listening, BRING BACK ALMOST HUMAN!!!

The Superhero Shows:

I still debate whether or not superheroes are sci-fi or fantasy (depends on the source of their powers I suppose). Anyway, here are the upcoming new superhero shows (only the new ones, Arrow, Flash, etc. are not included for that reason) this fall:

Heroes Reborn (NBC):

I watched season 1 and tried to watch season 2 of Heroes. I just couldn't get into 2, but 1 was interesting. The blurb I read about this stated the show was returning to the feel of season 1, so maybe it will be good. Maybe.

DC Legends of Tomorrow (CW):

I know, I just said Arrow, Flash, etc. were not included. Well, this is a new show about them so it still counts. (Sneaky, aren't I?)

Supergirl is coming (CBS).

Watching this extended trailer gave me mixed feelings. At risk of inciting the masses, I'm not sure this is going to be good, but it could be I suppose. Right now it sort of seems like a cheesy spin-off of the Zach Snyder film(s). Watch and decide for yourself.

Syfy Channel

Premiering this June, Killjoys chronicles the tale of interstellar bounty hunters (from what I can tell from the trailer). Looks kind of interesting.

Also premiering in June by the people who brought us Stargate, SyFy's Dark Matter. It almost looks like the continuation of SGU, but alas, it is not. The crew of a ship wakes up without memories to discover they know how to operate the ship, fight, etc. and must unravel the mystery.

Premiering in December, The Expanse appears to detail the journey of some kind of arc-ship from Earth to... somewhere. I first thought this was going to be a Mars vs. Earth type situation, but now I'm not so sure. IMDB has not been very helpful in finding out what this is about. Well, a little mystery can be pretty cool, right? Here's the trailer:

And also coming in December, SyFy's adaptation of the Arthur C Clarke classic, Childhood's End. I've never read the book, but I fear this might fall under my "why the hell would aliens want to be here?" objection. We'll see, I suppose (or I'll go read the book before December).

Also, on a sort of side note. I happened across something while I was searching the 'net for the trailers above. It's a kickstarter sort of thing, but it looks like they're pretty far along and I'd love to see it come to fruition. As far as I can tell, this looks legit (but who knows?)
Here, just watch:

Yeah, I joined the mailing list...

And that's it for my list. Did I miss something? I excluded a few shows that were borderline, but maybe I shouldn't have. Let me know in the comments.

Happy viewing, everyone.


  1. Maybe if Supergirl wasn't wearing a mini skirt... Will check out Killjoys and the other space shows. Hope they're good. Would love a new Star Trek... well, anything set in space at this point. Agree about Almost Human.

    1. I agree with you about Supergirl. I know that's the classic outfit, but is it me or was there no attempt to update her? I think they could have done better.


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