Thinking About Our Bright Future & a Self-Promoting Interlude

Hello and Happy Holidays to everyone.

With Eye of the Abyss polished and entering its Beta-reader stage, I started thinking about what to do next. After writing almost continuously for most of this year to finish Eye of the Abyss, it feels weird to be taking a break, even with all of the amazing things happening this month. For instance, SpaceX successfully landed a first-stage rocket , which puts them on par with Blue Origin's landing about a month ago. and maybe it gets them a little bit ahead since they also launched satellites into orbit in the process. Just today I found out we successfully produced Plutonium-238, a critical fuel for space craft out of the reach of the sun's energy (we were running out of natural sources, which would have put deep-solar system exploration in jeopardy).

This got me thinking a lot about how bright our future in space looks... And then it occurred to me that it's Christmas week and I haven't done any advertising for Keltan's Gambit. Doh!

So it's time for a little self-promotion:

Perhaps you picked up Keltan's Gambit and haven't read it yet, or maybe you just finished Blood Siren—whatever the case, if you haven't purchased it yet now is the time. Eye of the Abyss will be out sometime in the next month or so, which gives you more than enough time to read Keltan's Gambit in preparation. ::wink::

Baron Revenant's plan to take control of the Confederation of Sovereign Systems is on the verge of completion. With the Abyssian Praetor Nero Graves trapped and powerless behind enemy lines, and Revenant's enemies playing right into his hands, it seems no one can stop him. What he doesn't realize is Cylus Keltan has reached the breaking point.

Pushed around by his friends, and forced into a betrothal with his hated cousin, Cylus is on the edge. Forced to take a stand, it seems House Keltan is poised for a comeback, but is this boldness a result of new-found courage or alien mind-control? And just what is the link between the mysterous VoQuana and Baron Revenant? Will Investigative Reporter Cygni Aragón uncover the truth in time to stop the baron, or has she fallen into his trap?

Allegiances will change, battles will erupt, and the deadly nano-weapon known as Siren will be unleashed in Keltan's Gambit!

 Once again, Happy Holidays to all and be well!


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