Deadpool, the Spoiler-Free Review

My wife and I saw Deadpool opening weekend, and enjoyed it (though I might have just a bit more than she did). The movie has some very good laughs, though Deadpool's non-stop shtick did wear a little thin at times. I'll also add that an R-rated superhero movie really did work for me. I'm a fan of not holding back in fiction, as I'm sure those of you who've read my books know (especially Keltan's Gambit, I'm told), and this movie definitely doesn't hold back on anything. From Wade's sexual escapades to the brutal way his victims go down, the movie hits the violence and sex accelerators, and doesn't back off until after the credits—which you should stay for, by the way, particularly if you grew up in the 80's like I did.

Perhaps one of the best things about Deadpool (both the comic and the movie) is its 4th-wall breaking self-awareness. Deadpool frequently comments on the absurdity of the situations he's in, and it both works and doesn't. This sort of thing is what Deadpool is about, but as I mentioned earlier, it is a bit overdone—but only a bit.

At its core, Deadpool is a typical hero story: a sort of combination of origin tale and hero gets the girl back, but the way it goes about it is so pleasant I didn't really think about it too much. That is, perhaps, the movie's greatest strength. It entertains you through both its good and bad moments.

What was the most surprising thing about Deadpool? It was harder to get tickets for this movie than for Star Wars VII (at least for me). Thought I doubt it'll even come close to Star Wars' numbers, it is great to see this kind of movie do so well its opening weekend. Perhaps we'll get more full-throttle superhero movies in the future.


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