Eye of the Abyss is Coming!

Art By Michael Lam

Eye of the Abyss is coming!
The 3rd book in the Chronicles of the Orion Spur will be released on May 10th, 2016 on Amazon.com. It will continue the journey of our heroes as they close in on bringing Revenant to justice... if they can!

From the back cover:

Baron Revenant’s noose is closing around the throat of the Confederation.

Cylus Keltan awakens a prisoner without representation or reprieve on a remote world. Filled with the desire to act against his enemies, he finds himself at the mercy of an implacable machine, and must choose to risk his life and that of the woman he loves, or resign himself to eternity on a barren rock.

Back on the capital,  Cygni Arag√≥n is pressed into service by the wicked Baroness Sophiathena Cronus. Her life falls apart as the machinations of those she serves drive her deeper into the plot to seize control of the government. In order to survive she must turn foe into friend, and find a way to break free of the baroness' grasp before it’s too late.

Meanwhile, helpless to prevent the deaths of his allies, Nero Graves is trapped on a ship under siege from the Q-virus, a program sent by the baron to ensure his destruction. With the fate of the Confederation hanging on the evidence he carries, he must find a way to defeat the virus and convince his captor, the Praetor Athame, to allow him his freedom. Can he prevail? Or will the Confederation fall prey to the will of Baron Revenant?

Find out in Eye of the Abyss, Book 3 of the Chronicles of the Orion Spur Saga!


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