Rogue One: A Spoiler-Free Star Wars Review

Rogue One:A Star Wars Story

By now, I'm sure almost everyone has seen it and might even have tickets to see it again, but I'll keep this review spoiler free just in case.

Overall, it was an entertaining film, but as big a Star Wars fan as I am I can't say I fully enjoyed it. The beginning was a bit choppy and had some scenes that didn't seem were needed nor fit (the informant thing), and it seemed to move a bit too fast. The characters were fun, the story was pretty cool (the droid stole the show), and there were even some cool cameos, but until the last 30 mins I was teetering on the fence about how much fun I was really having.

One thing you should be warned about, the tone is Empire Strikes Back but darker, if you can believe it. If you go into this expecting a Force Awakens feel, you'll be surprised as the movie will hit you where it hurts—repeatedly.

Now, about those last 30 mins... I won't say anything about them other than I wish more of the movie had been like them.

It's no secret that Darth Vader makes an appearance in this film, and there's some talk of him getting his own movie in the future. Judging by what happened in this one, I'd be up for seeing it.


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