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This week I decided to go hunting for more sci-fi series on the web as well as checking up on some of the series I've previously viewed such as Ark, and The Black Dawn.

Ark, sadly, hasn't made a second season yet, but I did manage to find a 2009 interview from the show Filmnut with the director, Trey Stokes (known for such features as Starship Troopers and Species).  I've got a lot of hope that they do produce a second season ASAP, since of the web series I've watched so far, this one is my favorite.  You can see my previous posting on Ark here (including the first episode).

Below is the link to the Filmnut interview (Warning, it's an hour long):

Filmnut - Director Trey Stokes, Ark & Pink Five
Watch This Episode on

I watched another episode of The Black Dawn and decided, although it is very well done, it was a bit too depressing for my present mood to continue past that.  The Black Dawn is about a mysterious darkness that enshrouds the Earth (or at least L.A.) and people start dropping dead.  The survivors, all college students, band together and try to figure out what's going on.  You can see my previous post on The Black Dawn (and a series called Pioneer One) here, and watch the series for yourself here.

The new one (to me, it's been running since 2007) I found is called Project X by New Renaissance Pictures.  It's about a monster of some kind that attacks a power station and utterly destroys it.  The series is quite long, so I presume it goes on from there into the aftermath and the subsequent hunting of the beast (or being terrorised by it), but I haven't watched enough yet to say.

Project X's first episode features the flash-back-flash-forward style of storytelling to build the dramatic tension necessary to keep you watching.   The story flowed well, despite the somewhat wooden acting that characterizes most pilot/first episodes, and pulled me in enough to go on to episode two.  My one complaint is that the first episdoe did seem to end abruptly, almost mid-sentence, which was a bit jarring.  I actually went back and tried to see if my browser had mis-loaded it (but alas, it hadn't).

The second episode was noticeably better in terms of the acting, and I'm happy to report that it maintained the fluid storytelling.  In this episode, we begin to find out more about the central characters' lives and histories.  It's done so well that I forgot that I was watching a monster-show and got wrapped up in the drama.  Although I stopped watching after episode two (which happily, actually completes as it should), I am looking forward to seeing more.

The series is available at or on iTunes.

That's it for this week.  Be good all!


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