Deep Hydra Part 1: Edits Completed

The Eye of Daedalus
by Michael Lam ©2016
It's been a long time coming, but at last I've finished the edits for part 1 of 3 for Deep Hydra.

I'm feeling somewhat good about this, though I still have some guilt over missing last year's date for publishing it. As most authors in this position say, it's going to be better for the wait. Yes, definitely (I know from my wife's reaction to draft 1...) I've tried to be responsive to some of the feedback I've gotten and I think Deep Hydra will reflect that. I also think that the move and the surgery I had this year have given enough of a delay to give me more perspective on my writing. The changes to the book will not just include grammar fixes, but some plot changes as well that I think will make the overall book better.

So when is it coming out? Well, that's the catch. Rewriting part 1 means parts 2 and 3 have to change. In some cases, I'm going to have to totally rewrite plot arcs, and basically all of part 3 is going to be different... but better! But that does mean the book is going to be a while coming. not going to put a date on it right now, but I will as soon as I have an idea. Probably not till 2018 though...

I'm rambling a bit, maybe now, but what I'm trying to say here is that I'm sorry for the delay and that when book 4 finally does come out, I think it'll be a much better read than it would have been otherwise.

Take care and be well to all, and hope you're watching the Orville! (It's great), and supporting Dark Matter as it  tries to find a new home! (Tweet @netflix to pick it up!)

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