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Writing Update for 6-1-18

Good day to all.

Still plugging away at Book 4. I think I'm about 5 chapters out from being finished, which puts me about a week away from finishing the next draft. So, what does that mean for when you can read it?
Well, the draft has to do what I call the "sit and rise" phase which is when I don't look at it for a week or two. After that I'll reread it and get input from my beta readers. Next, there's another editing phase and a reread, and then if all is well, it'll go to press (so to speak) and I can announce a release date.

So it's gonna be a little bit yet, but the good news is it's rolling right along. I'm hoping that maybe by Fall or Winter I can get this baby out to you.

Thank you for your patience.

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